Forum Syd has launched a new eLearning site (here referred to as the Virtual Learning Platform) that is hosted by LINGOs (Learning in Non-Governmental Organizations). This easy to use platform will be accessible to Forum Syd partners, member organizations and staff.

The Virtual Learning Platform will enable you to: access a library of pre-loaded courses (self- paced and directed); participate in webinar trainings and coaching; communicate with others within our social learning through the platforms built in community; access and share resources BUT only on the understanding that you agree to follow this code.
This code of conduct is established to ensure that all users of the Virtual Learning Platform have a clear understanding of the expectations Forum Syd has regarding your conduct in the learning platform. It is not intended to be exhaustive but only a framework within which to operate. At all times, you should use e-Learning resources in an appropriate and responsible manner.


You should:

  •  Provide full and accurate information including your names, a valid email address, and any other details required by Forum Syd in order to be allowed to use the Virtual Learning platform.
    Only login and use the site as one person – a single login shared by multiple people is not permitted. Each person using Forum Syd’s Virtual Learning Platform should have a unique user account.
  • Be aware that your actions on the Virtual Learning Platform and when using e-mail can be seen and monitored.
  • Be aware that information on the Virtual Learning Platform may be inaccurate or biased. Try to verify the information using other sources, if possible, before using it. Be careful of what you say to others and how you say it.
  • Treat others as they would expect to be treated for example show respect and politeness. Remember that something that may seem like a joke to you could upset someone else.
  • Always inform Forum Syd e-learning coordinator at capacitybuilding@forumsyd.org if you ever see, hear or read anything which makes you feel uncomfortable while using the Virtual Learning Platform.
  • Immediately notify Forum Syd of any unauthorized use of your password or account, or any other breach of security.
  • Respect copyright, trademarks and licenses. You cannot use the words or pictures that you see on the Virtual learning Platform without giving credit to the person who produced the information originally. E.g. you should not copy text or pictures from the Platform and hand it in to your eLearning facilitator(s) or other parties as your own work.
  • Check with your eLearning facilitator or contact Forum Syd before:
  • Comply with information technology and eLearning policies of Forum Syd found in the policies section of this Virtual Learning Platform
    • downloading files
    • completing questionnaires or e-course subscription forms

You should not:

  • Engage in any activity (Criminal or otherwise) that interferes with or disrupts use of the Virtual Learning Platform, or the servers and networks connected with the site. This includes activities that transmit any worms or viruses or any code of a destructive nature
  • Share your password with anyone for whatever reason.

Please note:

  • You are responsible for all information that you upload, store or share through the Virtual Learning Platform such as data, documents, photos, videos, email and instant messages.
  • Always log out and close your browser when your session has finished.
  • Forum Syd staff may review your files and communications at any time.
  • Forum Syd has the right to suspend or terminate your user account for any reason at any time.
  • Failure to follow the code will result in loss of access.
  • Specific terms to e-Course participants

You should:

  • Always follow the instructions of your eLearning Facilitator(s).
  • Always be polite when you send messages to other participants.
  • Always inform your eLearning facilitator or Forum Syd if you see, hear or read anything which makes you feel uncomfortable while using the computer.
  • Participate respectfully and professionally in team work
  • Be self-motivated and self-directed and exhibit the following behaviors:
    • Be a good time manager
    • Approach the course with a desire to learn
    • Assume leadership role when necessary:
    • voluntarily help other students when you have knowledge they don’t have
    • Develop needed technology skills
    • Submit constructive suggestions for course improvements.

Specific terms to e-Course facilitators
You should:

  • At all times devote the necessary time and effort to the proper preparation of each and every e-Learning session that they facilitate.
  • Be available to learners fifteen minutes before and after each live webinar session to answer individual queries and to provide one and one coaching as required, limited to that time-frame.
  • At all times, bring to the session the full extent of your knowledge and ability both in terms of the subject matter of the topic and the effective presentation of the material.
  • Treat learners equally, with respect and be courteous towards fellow staff of the Forum Syd, irrespective of level within the organization.
  • Comply with the directives of the Steering Committee and/or line Manager in respect of all matters connected with the conduct of eLearning facilitation.
  • Be sensitive to the fact that individual Learners differ in learning ability and take all reasonable steps to accommodate these differences.
  • Keep confidential any knowledge gained in respect of individual learners or participants on the Virtual Learning Platform

You should not:

  • Create personal relationships with individual learners.
  • Be impolite or rude towards learners