This course is designed to give participants increased knowledge and practical skills on how to build effective monitoring and evaluation for accountability and learning as well as ways of integrating human rights based approaches into their development work. It builds on part I of Human Rights Based Approach to Planning Monitoring and Evaluation course which covered the following specific subject areas:

 Introduction to Human Rights Based Approach to Programming.
 Purpose of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
 Use of Logical Framework Approach; Analysis, setting good objectives, appropriate indicators and developing logical framework matrix.

 Core content areas

The course will cover the following specific subject areas:

  • Week 1: HRBA: Putting Theory into Practice; which will focus on the four principles of Human Rights Based Approach namely transparency, non-discrimination/inclusion, participation and accountability (internally within NGO and towards duty-bearers). It will also introduce social accountability and how it can be used in different contexts.
  • Week 2: Monitoring; this will cover the use of monitoring plan in project implementation and monitoring; different types of indicators and their use in relation to Forum Syd’s Results Model and finally the different methods of Monitoring and how they are used.
  • Week 3: Evaluations and Reporting; which will focus on types of evaluation and how/when to use them, and how and to what extent change can be attributed to your project efforts; reporting, how do we communicate results and lessons learnt, and finally how experiences can be replicated in future projects.
  • Week 4: Assignments and Feedback; Submission of assignments and feedback from the trainers.

Duration of the Course

The course will be delivered through web conferencing technology (webinar), skype and Forum Syd’s virtual learning platform It will run for four weeks which will include approximately four hours of self-directed learning and a 2-hour webinar session per week. The final week of the course is set aside for submission of assignments, discussions and feedback from the trainers.

Entry criteria
The course will be in English with all materials in English. The training will use web conferencing technology. It is therefore essential that all participants can meet the following criteria:

  • English Language: good all round speaking, reading and writing ability
  • Commitment: Willing and able to complete a course of study over 4 weeks.
  • Technology:
    • Access to a computer/laptop for the duration of the course which matches the requirements on the application form.
    • Access to a good internet connection for the duration of the course which matches the requirements on the application form.
    • A headset (headphone with a microphone built-in)
  • Computer skills: Confident to work (or learn to work) in the online learning environment