Training Course
Period: April

Course purpose

Good strategies for capacity building require an in depth understanding of what exactly are the organisational strengths which can be built on and the limitations which need to be addressed or improvement. This training therefore will allow you to measure how well your organisation performs against some of the best practices in financial administration. The insights in this course are based on Forum Syd’s sub-granting guidelines derived from SIDA CIVSAM and CSO guiding document.
The training focuses on organisational structure, budgeting and planning, accounting and audit. In addition, we will also review Forum Syd’s agreement, and some of the operating guidelines and manuals.
The expected result is that you will make use of some of the tools provided to improve accountability, financial administration and management in your development work.

 Core content areas

The course will cover the following specific subject areas:

  1. Organisational structure, Forum Syd’s agreement; guidelines and manuals
  2. Budgeting and planning
  3. Accounting and auditing
  4. Internal controls

Intended audience
This course is intended for the following:

  • Representatives from Swedish Partner Organisations who have practical experience in financial administration and management.
  • Managers and officers of local/implementing Partner Organisations who are responsible for project/programme finance administration and management.

We do highly recommend that representatives from both organisations attend the course together in order to increase the internal dialogue on the issues raised during the course and to create even more sustainable projects/programs.

Entry criteria
The course will be in English with all materials in English. The training will use web conferencing technology. It is therefore essential that all participants can meet the following criteria:

  • English Language: good all round speaking, reading and writing ability
  • Commitment: Willing and able to complete a course of study over 4 weeks.
  • Technology:
    • Access to a computer/laptop for the duration of the course which matches the requirements on the application form.
    • Access to a good internet connection for the duration of the course which matches the requirements on the application form.
    • A headset (headphone with a microphone built-in)
  • Computer skills: Confident to work (or learn to work) in the online learning environment

What does this ‘blended learning’ course involve?

The programme is delivered through web conferencing technology (webinar), and Forum Syd’s virtual learning platform There will also be approximately four hours of self-directed learning per week where participants will study the course content before attending the webinar sessions (once per week) and personal assignments.


Upon successful completion of the course requirements, the participants will receive a certificate of participation. The course requirements include completion of self-directed materials, individual assignments and tests.